White Skunk Marijuana Strain

White Skunk Marijuana Strain WSMS


Organic White Skunk Marijuana
Hybrid – 65% Indica & 35% Sativa



White Skunk is a well-balanced hybrid strain known to relieve stress and anxiety. These flowers smell slightly sweet and earthy with undertones of ammonia. The smoke is thick and mostly smooth. Buy White Skunk Marijuana Strain Online

Uses of White Skunk Marijuana Strain

This strain will immediately leave users wrapped in an intense haze of cerebral spaciness that will relieve stress and anxiety while a demotivating body relaxation creeps in over time. Buy White Skunk Marijuana Strain Online

This strain has an average  THC between 18 – 22%

With a 65% indica and 35% sativa strain that perpetuates the Skunk lineage with a brighter vision. With its bitter and zesty orange flavor, breeders of this strain noted that it tastes like liquor. Buy White Skunk Marijuana Strain Online
White Skunk induces nice highs that bring blissful thoughts to the surface while relaxing those tense muscles. The effects feel like a relaxing massage.

White Skunk derives from a very stable lineage treasured amongst cannabis aficionados. It’s a strong and vigorous strain that glitters with milky white crystals. The flowering phase lasts for 50–55 days. It develops relatively large yields considering its medium stature. It enjoys sunny and temperate environments, however, it can also be grown in northern climates.

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