Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain


Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain SDMS


Strain Name: Sour Diesel
Type: Sativa
Flavor: Fruity
THC: 28%



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Sour Diesel is a popular, fast-acting, uplifting sativa suitable for daytime use. Potential therapeutic treatments include migraines & stress.Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Online

Also known as Sour D, origins are thought to be a cross between 91 Chemdawg and a super skunk/northern lights.Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Online

Sour Diesel is known to have a very fruity aroma and some suggest it can help with pain relief issues. Sour Diesel originated on the East Coast of the U.S. in the 1990s and is rumored to be a member of the ChemDawg family tree.Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Online

It is reportedly a result from what most think is Original Diesel being pollinated by a hermiedSensi Seeds DNL (Northern Lights/Shiva x Hawaiian).Buy Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain Online

Sour Diesel is named for its smell, which is a blend of a strongly sour citrus and diesel fuel-like stench that is easily detected from across the room. Its also one of the parents of Purple Diesel

This is a potent strain, with a THC content that had been measured at between 20% and 25%.

Look: A distinguished look from that of any other with larger, twisted, rope-like, beautiful green buds and subtle dark orange to red colored hairs covered with a gorgeous coat of THC.

The flavor is straight forward and earthy, with a sour taste to it as well. Delicious and light and not to heavy to the pallet.

Scent: Strong and straightforward, an unmistakable earthy yet sour scent. Sour-Diesel

Uses of sour diesel

Recommended to users for the relief of tiredness, malaise, depression, migraines and stress.

Effects of sour diesel

The effect is very potent and heady—it’s a bit of a “crusher” Sativa at high, leaving users mostly left on the couch despite a buzzing physical energy.

In lighter doses (and when harvested with mostly clear and cloudy trichomes), Sour D stimulates creativity and provides a cerebral uplift that is conducive to socializing and physical activity.

Known for easing nerve pain and ocular issues, Sour Diesel is highly potent and is recommended for intermediate to experienced patients due to its often-rushy onset.

This strain is named and known for being an intense Sativa, creating smooth ride for the user and is a crown favorite for anytime, 24/7 use known for not being too strong on either side of the spectrum.

More Info: As one of the most popular strains around California and the greater United States, Sour Diesel is well known for its different look and noticeably different aroma.

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